Florida's Finest Producers

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A Natural Farm, Howie in the Hills

One of few places in Florida to find naturally grown strawberries.  Sonia & Luc Duytsche are dedicated to natural farming, they do not just grown to great standards, but they educate others how to grow without chemicals.  In addition to strawberries, they grow a diversity of greens and ginger.  They are a u-pick, so make a date to go visit the farm.

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Dragon Farm, Merritt Island

Susan and Alexander started the Dragon farm in 2009 and currently grow four different varieties of dragon fruit.  Including Vietnamese Jania, Thai Red, Natural Mystic and Physical Graffiti. All the dragon fruit they sell has a red exterior and either a white, pink or red interior. Dragon fruit are a natural superfood and have a very mild taste. Many people have compared them to watermelon or kiwi with a subtle pear like taste.


Ensey's Tropical Fruit, Merritt Island

Ed Ensey was passionate about his mangos and known for it.  His family has had their mango farm for more than 80 years, with trees nearing that age.  With almost 40 varieties on their 8.5 acre waterfront orchard, it is an experience to behold. Their mangos have made people tear with joy.   You have never really had a mango until you have a tree-ripened mango.  It is the world's favorite fruit!


Photo Credit: Jonathan Owen

Photo Credit: Jonathan Owen

Green Flamingo Organics, Oak Hill

NSB native, Elizabeth Dannenmiller, owns and operates Green Flamingo Organics. After gardening at Organic Farms across the country, Elizabeth has come back to her home town to help bring organic produce to her community. Green Flamingo not only specializes in growing top quality vegetables, but raises free range chickens as well.


Ladybug Farm, Clermont

They are a community supported agricultural (CSA) project run by Rick Monaco.  They utilize organic growing techniques that provide it's members and customers with fresh, local, nutrient dense food.  You can often find their kale and mustard greens in the Local Roots Farm Store.

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Lake Meadow Naturals, Ocoee

A local egg farm producing fabulous chicken and duck eggs from happy hens.  Their poultry is a healthy, natural product that has never received any growth hormones or antibiotics and are raised in stress-free conditions, allowing them to reach their natural potential.  They also raise and partner with other farms to offer a selection of grass-fed beef, heritage pork, lamb and goat.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Owen

Photo Credit: Jonathan Owen

Tomazin and the Barefoot Farmer

Tomazin Farms is a 3rd generation farm in Samsula, FL that is farmed by father and son, William and Paul Tomazin.  They were both raised living and farming on this land.  Currently they are in transition from more conventional growing practices , back toward the more natural methods of the farms past.  The grow a very bio-diverse selection of vegetables on their family farm, including lettuces, heirloom beets, heirloom and carrots and specialty cauliflowers.

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Plus many many more!

Wild Ocean Seafood

For over four generations, Wild Ocean Seafood Market has provided local, wild-caught seafood on the Florida coast getting their start as the premiere provider of Florida Rock Shrimp. Most of their seafood finds it way across their docks in Port Canaveral, but they also carry seafood from locations throughout the southeast from waterways such as the Indian River, the St. John River, and the Banana River.